Friday, 31 March 2017


This week learning Space 2 went to Tech.The teacher I am working with is Mr Grundy. Mr Grundy makes lots of wood work art. When I have finished I am able to bring it home to show my family. I also would love to learn to make other things so I can give them away. 

Diary Writing

Today I have made a personal diary about when we went to camp. When I wrote my diary onto my device I had to make it into our camp book. 

Tennis and Futsal

Today I have worked on Kiwi sport DLO. My Task was to make a blog post about Tennis and Futsal

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Photo Collage

Today I have made a photo collage with my group Eric, Joshua w, Misshan, Josh s, Shakaia, Miki, Lyric,   Christopher and Calvin. Our collage was about going to camp.

Kokako Bird Info graphic

Today I have worked with Lyndon to complete Info graphic task about a Kokako bird. We had to find what a Kokako bird eats. Where its habitat is. What the appearance of Kokako bird is. What harms the Kokako bird and 3 Fabulous facts. We also had to attribute images. The hardest thing for me to do is to find out 3 interesting facts about the Kokako birds. 

Photo camp story

Today I have worked on a photo story about camp. I have made a collage about what I have done at camp. I have started with day 1 all the way to day 4. Our task was to make a photo story about camp and we had to put it in order. We all had to work separately to complete this task. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The High Ropes of Death

                             The High ropes of death

My Knees were shivering as I climb the ladder. I checked my harness 24 times to check if it won’t come off. When I was on the beam walk I was so frightened to let go of the ropes. When I was on the top I looked down and it felt like I wasn’t even wearing my harness. I walked 4 steps forward I was so scared I couldn’t take another step.

The instructor said to be brave and walking so I did. I walked the beam in fear so I held the rope so tight it was going to break, but it didn't didn't. When I got to the other end I said to myself yayyyy!. I was so proud of myself and I wanted to get down until the instructor said to travel back.

When I got to the other side of the pole the instructor said to lean back and jump off but I didn’t want to I was so scared and afraid the rope will break. But when I realized the others were holding the rope incase I fell I trusted them and leaned back and jump off. When I jumped off it felt like I jumped off the empire state building. When I got to the ground I was really happy that I could do it again and again.

It was 12 minutes until we had to pack up and have our lunch so the instructor said we could have another go so I volunteered to go again. This time I wasn’t scared to do it. When I climbed the ladder I was confident that I could do it. When I was on the beam I did 2 star jumps. When I did my first star jump it felt funny because the harness was pulling me up.
I walked to the pole and this time I wasn’t scared.

When I got to the pole I walked back and done 1 push up it was really scary but I did it. When I was ready to get down I leaned back and jumped off. When I was on the ground I told everyone it was pretty fun.

This is my recount I have wrote about being on the high ropes at camp. At first I thought it was scary but then when I tried again it wasn't scary. This is a 5 minutes recount of camp. It really was a fantastic moment.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Conserving water

This is my learning about People in Auckland are asked to conserve water. I had to find out information about people living in Auckland are conserving water and why. When you use water use it wisely so you don't have to wast it. Always remember to never waist water because you need to drink it, wash your body with it and etc. I have worked with Fatongia to complete this task. When I am doing this activity I am convincing people to never waist water. The definition of converse means to save, use and protect water.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bush safety tips

Today I have been learning about bush safety for camp. We had to make a DLO showing bush safety tips. Some of these tips are from the web but in my own words. The rest of the tips are on a website called: home land of conservation of outdoor safety. I have worked with Fatongia to complete this task. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Camp Mapping

Today I had to map out where my school is, my house, Papakura wave pools, Kokako lodge and Hunua Rangers. This is what our task was when we did our camp books for camp. 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Tech ( Wood Work )

Today yr 7 and 8 went to tech. Today at tech we drew our neatest hand drawing design. The design I chose was my ship ( Boat ). The reason why I chose the ship because so I could see if it can float on water and I want to give it to my little brother. Also I always wanted to go on a ship just like it. The ship I made was my best design yet. After we drew our design we measured the length and the size. We started cutting wood parts that we needed. San Kyaw and Tiava had finished cutting their wood, all they had to do was craft it.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Explination text

A blog is a website where you can share your learning. People across the world are able to see your work. Did you know all blogs are not the same?

My blog is very special to me because it’s where I keep all my learning. I've been blogging since 2014. I have shared my work 378 times with the world ( global audience ). I really enjoy using blogging as part of my learning. My blog has been viewed 15,957 times!  

My blog is special to me because it’s where keep all of my work so everyone can see what I am learning about. Some blogs aren’t the same as my blog, because other students could have a different colour background or a different blurb. My blog is my learning volt because it is where I keep all my work.  

People are able to view my work and they can also comment on my learning if they wanted to. My aim is to get 1,000 pieces of work onto my blog. I blog lots of different kinds of work such as maths, reading, art and writing. When we have almost blogged our learning we always need to title and label our work. When writing a blog post, we also need to write a blurb.

My blog is distinctive to me because it is a timeline of my learning. I have been blogging since I was year 4. One thing I  like about my blog is that you can never throw away your blog. Often schoolbooks are thrown away or can they can get lost easily, but when you’re using a blog it stays where it is.

Today I learnt how to make a explanation text about why my blog is unique. Explanations use POIPIO ( Paragraphs of interesting points in order ), AAAWWUBBIS, DRAFT and nouns. I need to work placing my punctuation in the right place.