Monday, 29 May 2017

Times table warm up

Today we used the game hit the button to help us recall our 4x answers quickly. I found it hard to find the question because I had to look for the question that matches with the answer. I will practice at home in my own time to learn more of my maths. Link to the game

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Today we had dance. First we had to work on our warm up moves then after that Sanujan and Freeman presented us with their warm up moves they have done. They had lots of different moves they had shown us. Some of their moves they have done got me tired a little bit but some moves I couldn't do but the rest was a superb job. Mrs Anderson showed us a video of SADECK and AMMAR showing their dance they have done together. After they video we were told to get into our pairs and make up our own. It was kind of hard because we had to think of angels, shapes, waves and heights. The thing I found hard was thinking what should we add next to our dance. 

Monday, 22 May 2017

Read Theory

Today I have been working on read theory. The paragraph I have been reading today is called Where does honey come from. I think I have done really good with read theory. I got all of my questions right. The hardest question for me to answer was what kind of body part does a bee use to dry up the honey. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Omaru River

I have made a DLO showing the omaru river in Glen innes. This DLO shows what is in the Omaru river and some positive effects and some negative effects. Our task was to find out information about who donated to help clean up the Omaru river and some personal information. I have worked with Fatongia to complete our task. The hard thing for me to do was to find pictures and attribute them. The reason why it was very hard to attribute them is because we had to find the owner of the picture and find what website it is from. The easy thing was to find information and just write it down.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Today we have been learning about lots of different warm ups. My partner Christopher was away so I worked with Fatongia and Jaydon. Mrs Linda, Ma'ata and Magenta shared their warm up with us. Their warm up was really superb and I enjoyed it. Mrs Anderson showed us a video of a lady teaching three girls some moves. The moves were free flow, bound flow, twisted shapes, straight shapes, curved shapes and angular shapes. After the video we got into our groups and we had to build shapes with our bodies. Then Mrs Anderson said to get into another group and share our moves with them. The people we worked with were Joshua W and Sanujan. The shapes we showed them were circle, square and triangle. The hardest thing to do was thinking about what to do.

True or False

Today I have made a DLO for my inquiry task. My task was to copy the questions and put it in the right section. The hardest one I had to think about was Russia is a democracy. I had to search up a lot of websites to see if Russia was a democracy.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

World of maths

Yesterday we went into the hall for World of maths. Mrs Anderson got us into groups for our rotations. In my group there was Christopher, Mathias, Aung Naing, Nevaeh and myself. Our task was to collaborate with each other to complete our rotations. The rotation I really enjoyed was called Escape the island. Our task for escape the island was to get Mr white and his wife, Mr red and his wife, Mr green and his wife off the island with least moves their and back but only 2 people could get on the boat. So Mr red and his wife got on the boat and Mr red dropped off Mr red's wife on the main land and he went to get the others. The least moves we got was 9. We also had to work with LS1 to complete our rotations. We all collaborated with LS1 to complete our tasks.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What and where can things can be recycled

Today we have finished off our what and where things can be recycled. I have been working on this for the past 2 days. This DLO is for our inquiry task. Our inquiry topic we are doing is RRR Reused, Recycle and Reduce. Our DLO was on what and where can things can be recycled

Monday, 15 May 2017

Read Theory

Today we have been working on read theory. Our task was to read the passage and answer the following questions. The question I found hard was " What is the opposite of efficient ". The score I got on read theory was 62%. The passage I was reading was called Google made a new car. The car Google made was electric which means it could drive its self.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Tech ( Wood Work )

Today at tech we have all almost finished our wood work designs. My wood design I am doing right now is my boat. The reason why I chose my boat is because I want to give it to my little brother and I also want to see if my boat could float on water. Today I lost a piece of my wood work so Mr Grundy helped me with that problem. I glued all of my pieces together and I am waiting until it is dried up until next week. We have 1 more session of wood work until we move on with our next rotation. The thing I found easy in tech that is I like collaborating with others to complete our wood work.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Today we had our first session of dance with Mrs Anderson. Christopher and I have recorded our warm up stretches for LS2. Christopher and I had worked with Mrs Linda and Ma'ata to show them our warm up we have done. Mrs Linda and Ma'ata shared their warm up and we just had to copy what they have done. Then Me and Christopher taught them our warm up so they would knew what were our warm up stretches. The thing I enjoyed in dance is that we learnt a lot of stretches and working with Mrs Linda and Ma'ata. We need to work on putting some more stretches onto our piece of paper to improve our warm up.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Wood Work ( Tech )

Today at tech we have been working on our wood work. The wood work I am doing is my ship ( boat ). The thing that's hard about my wood work is that I need to do a lot of measuring. I am almost finished with my wood work all I need to do is put it all together.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Current Events

Today Harlem H and I made a DLO on current events about China is going to be banning the buying and selling of ivory. Our task was to answer the 5 W's and a H questions and write our opinions about what we think we should do. I think killing elephants and rhinos for their tusks is wrong because many people care for elephants and rhinos. Then hunters just kill elephants and rhinos for their tusks. Hunters kill elephants and rhinos for their ivory for a lot of amount of money.