Monday, 26 November 2018

Athletics day

Today we have had athletics day. This have been a very interesting and very fun day. We have all been split into groups and been put into color groups, The colors were red, green, yellow and blue. There were 10 or 9 stations we needed to complete. We have also had helpers from Tamaki college to guide and help us with the stations we needed to complete. My favorite station out of all the stations had to be rob the nest, because it is a very competitive challenge and we all needed to rush to grab each ball for our team. The most hardest challenge had to be the life savers challenge because you needed to lie on your stomach facing the other way and when someone blew the whistle we needed to quickly get up and grab a hacky sacks before anyone else had to. After we all completed each station the people who had ordered sausages for the day got them and ate it after a long hard working day. We have all had a fantastic day.

Friday, 16 November 2018


Today for book week our teacher Mrs Anderson had read to us a book written and illustrated by Emily Gravett. The book was about Wolves and the life that they live. After the teacher read the book to us we had to write what we think about wolves then later research it to see if any of our answer were true. We found out that two of our answers were correct which was that wolves eat humans and that they hunt in packs. Also wolves dont howl at the moon they howl to communicate with other wolves. 

Meerkat Mail

Today our teacher Mrs Anderson had read us a book called Meerkat mail. The book was about Meerkats and the life that they live. By listening to the story we took information from there and made a blog post about MeerKats. We have learnt a lot about MeerKats including where they live and what they like to eat. They like to eat snakes and eggs, but they prefer scorpions because their nice and crunchy. Meerkats are very interesting animals and hope to learn much more about them. This book was written and illustrated by Emily Gravett.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Commemorations

Today at Panmure Bridge our school has held a commemoration for Armistice Day since it is on Sunday. Armistice day which is every year on November the 11th to mark and remember the sign between the Allies of World War 1 and when the gun fell silent. We celebrate this to remember those who fought for their country during World War 1. We were lucky to have a member from the NZ Defense Force. During this commemoration we I read the pray at the start of the commemoration. Mrs Kirkpatrick (deputy principal) read In Flanders Field. During the commemoration we were silent for a minute to remember the soldiers who died during World War 1.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Boxing - Kiwi sport

Yesterday we had our first session of our boxing kiwi sport. There were 3 commandments Safety, Respect and Discipline. We have learnt jab and cross punches then had put it altogether to make a combo. We have also learnt a stance called the rock so we could be balanced when boxing. Our instructor who had helped us with our boxing was Pax patel a forma women's boxer.  

Tech - Reflection

Today at our tech rotation I have been coloring my design. People are caring on carving their designs and coloring their designs what I have to finish is my coloring design and drawing my design people have worked hard and collaboratively and I hope I can finish my design from the end of this term.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Basic Facts boxes

For maths today I have been practicing up to 20 addition and subtraction, basic facts. I have done well on practicing my basic facts. I'm looking forward on doing on, up to 100 basic facts challenge. I have enjoyed doing this activity and hope to move onto division. 

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Spaghetti bridges

For the past few weeks we have all came up with a design of a bridge. But this bridge we made was made out of spaghetti. This was a very interesting and fun task, We have all worked in groups of 4 or 3 and had chosen a bridge we wanted to design. In my group there was Nyjah, Fui, Kanye and Myself and the bridge we chose to design was a truss bridge. We have been creating our bridges out of spaghetti because we have been wondering how much weight can hold on to our spaghetti bridge and the item that we were going to use to see how much weight can hold on our spaghetti bridge was bricks so our group had to think how we were going to make our spaghetti bridge strong and stable enough to hold. But before I tell you the results let me explain what materials and the method we needed to use to make our bridge. There were the options of rubber bands, string and seller tape. This task of making spaghetti bridges were quite hard because if you grab 1 spaghetti it would break instantly but if you make bundles it would be quite harder to break. So we had a to clearly think how we were going to make our bridge stable to at least last 8 bricks. So Kanye had drawn a sketching of our bridge that we were going to make. It was quite hard while making our bridges because we needed to save up more spaghetti to add some layers on to the bottom to make it stable for the bricks to sit there and not break. So we had decided to make bundles of spaghetti and try to make it more stronger so our bridge wont break easily. To at least have enough spaghetti to make the bottom we halved the spaghetti in to smaller parts to see if we could use that to build the bottom part but before we built the bottom part we measured the distance and how long the pieces of leftover spaghetti's we had to make our bottom base for the bundles of spaghetti to hold. When we have finished with our bridge we measured the how long the span was and then we were ready to test it out. The span of our bridge was 32 and we tested our bridge and the total of bricks that our bridge could hold was 2. I think the reason our bridge broke at the total bricks of 2 was because maybe our bridge was quite thin and maybe there was to much pressure and how we thought it was not that stable enough due to some pieces hanging off the edge and some spaghetti pieces were also half broken off. But either way I had a lots of fun while making our bridges and how we were testing it out with the bricks. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Addition and Subtraction facts

Today has been quite different because today we have been using google sheets to solve maths problem facts. The rules for this were simple. Click on a button to get some numbers. Solve the problems by reading one number from the top row, then the operation, then the number in the bottom row.  Click on a button to get new numbers. Then use the Clear button to clear the page and start again. There were 2 different sides of the page addition and subtraction. Some of these questions were quite easy and some were quite difficult. But on top of that this activity we have done has been quite fun. The question that was really tricky for me to do had to be 93 - 72 but I had worked it out and got it right. This was really interesting and hope to carry on with this except doing division and multiplications. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

HIIT - Final Session

Today was our final session of HIIT. For our final HIIT sessions today our exercise were Tap step, Push ups, Star Jumps and Sit ups. For the past 15 weeks we have been doing our HIIT training's for the AUT research team to see how we have changed from term 2 all the way up to term 3. So far we have all been doing our very well push our limits into the red zone. Most of the exercises we have been doing were very tiring but have pretty much pushed our limits to make our heart rate is in to the red zone. Our goal for our HIIT session were suppose to be Pau Te hau ( Get Puffed ) which we have all succeeded. Our HIIT sessions were all successful. Back in Term 2 most of us were not able to do much of the exercise training's but most of us now in Term 3 have gotten so much fitter so have done much more better with our HIIT training's. Sometime next week the AUT research team are coming to test us and see where we are at with our fitness training's and see how we have changed from Term 2 to Term 3. Myself personally think I have done very well from the past term and hope to get really better with my fitness exercises. 

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Orchestra Trip

Students from LS2 got the chance to go to the Auckland Town Hall to hear the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra group. The Philharmonia Orchestra group sung 3 pieces of music and one of them was called Romeo & Juliet which is familiar. There were four different instruments that were played which were the brass, woodwind, string, and the percussion. A lot of our classmates were waiting for the drums. One of my favorite part during the trip was when a Opera Singer sung a song from the musical, Carmen. After that we were amazed by a Dance from St Kentigern and Ngatapaware school. They had done an amazing job with their performance and should keep up their amazing work. Panmure Bridge has had this experience for two years and this year was my first. Hopefully this experience goes on.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

VR Research

Today we have had the luckiest experience at Panmure Bridge school. We have had the experience of using Virtual reality. There were a lot of tasks we needed to test. One of them was the eye test and the balance test. For this test we were tested our eye vision and our balance, This test we were tested were quite easy we just needed to read the words that were shown onto the board and for the balance test we had to walk in a straight line while keeping our balance. The next test was a 3D test, for this text we were  given 3D glasses and shown images. But these images were camouflaged  so we didn't know what the image was but the 3D glasses help us to see. For this test we had a challenge to see if we were able to find the image in the photo collage we were looking at. This test was quite hard because even though we were using the 3D the images were quite hard to see but even thought this test was quite fun. 

Tech - Pewter Casting

For our pewter casting today there were not much people today so we were well focused. For today I have been using the 1,200 and water to use to polish my pewter casting design. After I have been done with my 800 sand papering I moved on to the 1,200 and water. During this my design had gotten more shiny and more visible for your reflection. 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

HIIT training

Today for HIIT we have been working on our 4 sets of our exercise techniques. These techniques were Push ups, Squats, Tap Steps and Star jumps. When we had been doing the first exercise I had not put much effort in to it due to being sore from yesterdays basketball game but I had pushed my hardest to try to get in to the red zone.While doing these exercises we had some technical difficulties with the speaker we have been using to play music which could want to make us push ourselves into the red zone. Even though the speakers were not working we have all still pushed ourselves to the red zone. For our warm up today we have not been using our normal ones but we have been using fortnite dance moves. We have been using fortnite emotes because while using normal warm ups we knew it would be quite boring so we have decided to turn it up a notch so we used fortnite moves instead.  

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Sleeping Presentation

Why is sleep important? well, group A have the answer to that. Together in our group created a presentation that gives a clear explanation of why sleep is so important, how long do we humans need to sleep, why sleeping is healthy and how technology or devices affect our sleep patterns. Sleeping is really healthy for your body because it helps you recharge energy for the next day. Did you know when you are sleeping you grow every time.  

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Cookisland Language week

This week is Cook Island language week. I have worked with Zane, Tiava, Nevaeh, create this DLO. We have celebrated the last two days learning about Cook Island. We have used our smart searching skills to find what type of food they eat, the language they speak, the places you can visit, the capital of Cook Island and 5 facts about the Cook Island. We used a website to find the pronunciation of basic words. We then used the words to record a vocaroo that we have put on the presentation.

Kiwi Can - Reflection

Today for kiwi can we were talking about problem solving. Problem solving is when you work together as a group to find a solution to that problem and also communicating to each other. We then played a game called rock, paper, scissors and then we find a partner to vs. If you loose you must kneel down and if you win you have to keep stand up. But you can still play when your kneeling, The next game we had played was called Knots. For this activity we needed to be in a circle with a small amount of people. The person across from you needed to grab your hand and try to undo the knot without letting go off of your partner. This game was really challenging but we had succeed to complete and get everyone in place.  

HIIT training

Today for HIIT we have been working on our 8 sets of our exercise techniques. These techniques were  Star Jump and Push ups. These were really challenging based on the task we were given. When we had been doing the first 2 exercise I had suffered a lot during this task because it was really tiring and I was so exhausted. Next time we are going to do our exercise techniques I am going to try very hard to accomplish finishing the exercise we are given. For our warm up game we have played whano whano game. 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

HIIT training

Today for HIIT training we have been working on our HIIT exercise. Our exercises today were Mountain climbers, Split Squat Karate Kick, Star Jumps and High Knees. This exercise techniques were very tiring but a lot of us pushed towards finishing the exercises. Our goal today was to get everyone in the red zone which we had completed at the end. We had 20 seconds to do the exercise and 10 seconds to have a resting time. The hardest exercise we had done had done today had to be the mountain climbers because our muscles in our thighs had gotten sore but we had all pushed ourselves to doing the exercises we were given. Next week the HIIT instructors are coming in to see if we had changed from the last time they had came before. This week of HIIT was a very successful week and I am looking towards what we are going to accomplish next week and hoping I will push myself to work on my exercise more properly and thank you to Mrs Anderson for cheering for us on the way we were doing our exercises.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Aeroplane - Careers

This week we have been learning about what we would like to be when we leave school ( college ). We have talked to one other in small groups of what we want to be when we are older. I have chosen to become a Aeroplane pilot because there are a lot of things to do when you are in different countries and I could also learn new things from other pilots to become a expert. Pilots go through expert training and go through fly school to learn how to fly a plane. You earn a lot of good money while becoming a pilot and can earn lots of experience to becoming a pilot. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Today we have been learning about algorithm maths. Algorithm maths is a strategy you can use to solve maths problems. We have created a digital learning object on what a algorithm is. Algorithms can be used for solving hard problems. Algorithm is quite easy to use when you are not sure what to solve, The HTO  stands for Hundreds, Tens and Ones. We have learnt a lot about algorithms and how it will help effect our learning. 

Using Virtual Reality ( VR )

Today Josh, Jeremiah and myself had the experience of learning about bridges in vr. While using the vr headset we had a challenge. This challenge was to find a arrow containing information about the bridge we had visited. It was quite interesting learning about these bridges, one of the bridges we had been to was the Golden Gate bridge in America. We had learnt many things about that bridge and we had a lot of fun while doing it. I can't wait for the next time we will be using the vr headset and how it will affect our learning. This activity links to our inquiry which is all about bridges.


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Who Wants To be A Mathionaire?

Today for our maths challenges today we have played a times table game called Who Wants To be A Mathionaire?. Each answer you had got right will make you climb up to reach $1,000,000. This Maths game was quite hard because there were a lot of hard times tables equations that were tricky for me to do. But besides that I had a lot of fun while playing this game because it can help me with more of my times tables. If you would like to play this maths game try to become a Mathionaire click this Link

Friday, 6 July 2018

Pro's and Con's

We have been working on Pro's and Con's of living in a lighthouse. We had written down what are good features about lighthouses and bad features about lighthouses. Pro's are the good features while con's are the opposite ( Good and Negative ). Pros and Cons are the opposites to good and bad features. The pros are the good features of things and cons are the bad. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Tech Reflection - Pewter casting

For tech today we have been working on our pewter casting designs. The design I have chosen to make is a diamond necklace. The person I'm going to make my pewter casting design for is my mum because she likes jewelries and she has a ton of a collection of them at home. For our tech group the hardest challenge today was to trying to cut out the wood I had traced my diamond on. It was quite difficult trying to cut it out because it had been vibrating a lot so it was hard to cut while rotating it to get my corners correctly. I had really enjoyed doing this tech rotation and hope to finish my design off by next week or later. Our tech teacher Mr Grundy had taught us how to use sand paper to make our pewter casting design polished. I had quite enjoyed doing this tech rotation because we could choose what we would like to make and how we were to design our item we have chose. 

Matariki Information Poster

Today for our inquiry presentation we have been working on Matariki ( The Seven Sisters ), For our task we had made a information poster about Matariki. Matariki is based on the Seven sisters and how it came to be, Matariki is a famous Maori celebration that Maori's come to celebrate and to gather for the Maori New Year ( Matariki ).  Matariki is a Maori Celebration to New Zealand because they have named it the Maori New Year.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Tech Reflection

For tech today we have been working on our pewter casting designs. The design I have chosen to make is a diamond necklace. The person I'm going to make my pewter casting design for is my mum because she likes jewelries and she has a ton of a collection of them at home. For our tech group the hardest challenge today was to trying to cut out the wood I had traced my diamond on. It was quite difficult trying to cut it out because it had been vibrating a lot so it was hard to cut while rotating it to get my corners correctly. I had really enjoyed doing this tech rotation and hope to finish my design off by next week or later. Our tech teacher Mr Grundy had taught us how to use sand paper to make our pewter casting design polished. I had quite enjoyed doing this tech rotation because we could choose what we would like to make and how we were to design our item we have chose. 

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Can - Reflection

Today for Kiwi Can we are learning about integrity and Accountability. This week our topic in integrity and our theme is accountability. Our first activity was called copy me. For this task there were four groups and they had to choose a leader that would go up and pick a card. That card is based on which action our group needed to do. There was a bunch of actions that we had to do. The hardest action I think we had to do was 8 sit ups and 14 push ups. Then after that energizer we had talked about accountability, Accountability means to take responsibility for your own actions and being honest to others who had done something wrong. At our school we can show Accountability by showing respect to others and being honest for our own actions that we had done. The next activity we had played was called 2 truths and 1 lie. For this activity one person had to stand up and say 2 truths and 1 lie and the other people had to try and guess which one was the lie. This game was interesting because we could find out what their lie is and how we can help them solve that lie.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Pewter Casting Tech

Today for tech at Tamaki College we have been working on our pewter casting designs. For mostly everyone in our tech group has finished their DLO on who they are gonna make their pewter casting design for. So then Mr Grundy had instructed us to get ready for him to call the person 1 by 1 to come and collect their piece of wood to trace the design they had chosen for that person out of the 16 items they had selected. When we had all gotten our piece of wood we were all told to select the item we wanted to create for the person we were gonna make it for. The person who I was going to select to create my item for is myself because I myself had never created any designing of what we were creating and I was so curious what it would look like when it had finished. Before we needed to choose the item we wanted we needed to list down 10 reasons why and what design we wanted to create and who was it gonna be for. When we had chosen our item and had answered our 10 reasons why we were given a piece of printed paper with our item printed on it we were told to trace it onto our piece of wood we were given to use the scroll saw to cut out our piece of wood. When some of us had finished Mr Grundy had melted the pewter metal to pour inside our wood that we had chosen. After we had done that we needed to wait till the next tech day to see what had happen to our pewter casting item.  

Friday, 1 June 2018

Tech reflection: Pewter casting

Today for tech we have been learning about pewter casting. The first thing that we had needed to do was read the rules for the pewter casting tech room. We were first asked questions if we knew what pewter casting was and what it is. Our task was to find out what we wanted to create and how we will be using it or even who we were making it for. So Mr Grundy had sent us a worksheet showing who we will be creating our design for. The Designs I am making for are my mum, dad, cousin and myself. We chose 4 of each items that we wanted to create into our DLO. But the thing is the images we had chosen had to be silhouette so it would be easier to create. The thing is our images couldn't be thick or else it would bend or snap. I had enjoyed doing this rotation because I would really want to make something special for my family. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

Iphone Text

Today for writing we did something very different. Our task was to create a fake iphone conversation using Fake Iphone text. With this website you can create fake conversation using a fake iphone.  Firstly we were to go on that website. Then we were to write down a name. But the name we had to choose couldn't be a common name it had to be a make up name. The names I chose was Max and Ben. The reason why we had to do this task was because we had to work on our punctuation. When we had finished our fake conversation we needed to create a google drawings and recreate our fake conversation but using proper punctuation.  

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

9 Times Table

Today for maths we have created a DLO using our 9 times tables. Last week we wrote down our 9 times tables so we would be able to know them ourselves, to create our 9 times tables. We used our 10 times table knowledge to help us complete our 9 times tables. We were able to write down what we had already known and just times it by 10 to finish it off.  We were able to finish it off by working in pairs or finish it our self.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi can we were learning to work as a team. Our topic this term was is integrity. Integrity means to show kindness when no one else is looking and doing the right thing. In kiwi can we talked about how we can show how we can respect others in our own ways. To show integrity we played a game called captain ball. The aim of the game was that their were 4 teams and we needed to choose 1 captain to the ball to. This game was quite hard because lots of people were trying to hit the ball away from us.  

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Homonym - same word but different meaning

Today for reading we have been learning about Homonym's. Homonyms mean that some words may sound the same but they have a different meaning. Example ring as your ringing someone and the ring you put on your finger. Homonyms are mostly used in poems and in other kids stories. For our task we needed to to find the definition of the word homonyms and find some examples of homonyms. For our examples as you can see we chose bat - bat and bow - bow. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Lung Capacity in LS2

To compare the ling capacity of students in LS2, we used one breath to blow up a balloon. Then we measured the circumference if the balloon in cm. After we could graph the results to compare them. As you can see Julian has the most amount of air from his balloon. Did you know that Sanujan and Kanye has the same amount of air in their balloon?

Friday, 4 May 2018

The Unfinished Drink

Today we have been reading a poetry about the La Tour Mollet (Ted) d'Auvergne. Then wrote a small paragraph of 25 words about the Unfinished Drink. I felt sad when I read this poem because he died in the ww2 but I also felt happy because the bar owner still puts the beer bottle up as a memorial for his loss.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Story Board that

This week for Reading we have been learning about the Maori story called Hineahunoe ( The first women ). This story is about a man called Tane Mahuta and his 7 brothers creating a beautiful world but no one to enjoy it. So Tane Mahuta convinced the gods if they could create women to go on to have children to enjoy the world the created. We used StoryBoard that to retell the story using characters to retell the story. The challenging using storyboard that that we needed the right characters to retell our story. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


For the start of the week for term 2 LS2 has been learning about the a sophisticated picture book called Memorial. This book is about a tree that is planted beside a war memorial monument after the war. This book features a young boy which is the narrator of the story. This book also features his dad, Grandpa and Great grandpa who had fought in the war. We had worked on activities of this book, The activity I chose to publish onto my blog is settings. For this activity we needed to find out the peritext, images and texts. This was quite a hard challenge because we needed to use our smart searching skills to finish this activity.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Pencil code

Today for maths we have been learnt a new website called pencil code. Pencil code is a website which is quite similar to scratch. This is often used for coding and for using to make shapes or angles. Our task was to create a square and for us to create our own shape to finish our task off. The challenging thing about using Pencil code was that I needed the right amount of numbers to make the shape I was creating. Here is the link for you to create your own coding design or shape.

These our the designs I have created during my time using Pencil code

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Treaty Of Waitangi - Kahoot

For the past few weeks for reading we have been learning about the Treaty Of Waitangi. We have been reading the stories of what had happen since the day the treaty was signed. We worked in groups and collaborated together to create a kahoot. A kahoot is a website where you and friends could create quiz's for other people to complete. In my group I worked with Alex, John, San Kyaw and Zane to create our kahoot and to help with hosting our kahoot to our reading class. I had really enjoyed making this kahoot with my group because it pushes to your limit's to remember what you had read about the treaty of waitangi and to make it into a quiz. 

Friday, 23 March 2018

Stephen Hawking - 1942 to 2018

Sadly Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away and to pay some respect we have made a DLO to show who Professor Stephen Hawking was and what was he diagnosed with. Professor Stephen Hawking was one of the most brilliant physicist in the world, Professor Stephen Hawking studied about black holes and asked questions of how planet earth was came to be. We have added video clips of what shows he was featured in and some of his clips asking questions about the universe. Professor Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease, Motor neuron disease is a disease which doesn't allow you to move, talk or swallow. Professor Stephen Hawking invented a machine which helped him communicate by twitching a little bit of muscles in his cheek which allowed him to use the machine to speak for him.  

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

5 - 7 - 10 writing

The mysterious reader

I have a little sister named Kiara and she is addicted to books.
In the morning she reads books then in the afternoon she
reads and even past her bedtime she reads. She’s read over
500 books and that’s for a fact! She started reading when she
was 5 years old and she’s been reading ever since that day.
She is still reading books as she is heading off to college and
I find weird how she's 13 and still reading books. I mean I
thought she was gonna be one of those fan girls of one of
those boy bands. She pretty much reads and reads.


Today in writing we have been learning about 5 - 7 - 10
writing. Our goal was to write a character description about
a young girl reading a lot of books. The 5 stands for
5 minutes of writing, 7 minutes of sharing your learning
to others and 10 minutes of editing our description.

Monday, 19 March 2018


Today we are learning about tense. For our task we were filling in the missing boxes and it had past tense or present tense or future tense. We were learning about it because so we could add some past, present and future words to our explanations.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Tech - Sketch Models

Today we have been learning a lot in graphics materials but today in graphics we learnt how to use Plasticine. Plasticine is a type of hard clay that you can use to make other models. Today we used Plasticine to create our own sketch models. Our sketch models were based on phone holders we had to think of different sizes and also angles. We got to create our own sketch designs.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

CARE awards - Panmure Bridge school Collage

Today for my Respect CARE awards I chose to do this activity because it shows a collage of my time in Panmure Bridge School and how I celebrated my time in Panmure Bridge School. So I thought this would be a really good idea of showing my time here in Panmure Bridge School.  

CARE - Thank you letter to Mrs Prasad

Dear Mrs Prasad

Thank you for being a great teacher and for teaching me new things. I was so lucky to have you as my teacher
but sadly that didn’t last long. Throughout the year I have been learning lots of new things and I am having lots
of fun with you and the rest of room 8. The thing I found interesting is you telling us to work in groups to
collaborate with each other so we could share ideas and work collaboratively.

I really want to let you know that you are the best teacher I have ever had when I started back in 2014 and for
helping me when I needed the help.

Yours sincerely Tai

Image result for Thank you teachers    
Today I have been completing some of my CARE awards I have been doing at school. The care value I chose to complete is a respect award. I chose to write a thank you letter to my teacher I had back in 2014 because she was one of the nicest teachers I have met. Mrs Prasad has been a really fantastic teacher when I was a year 4 student at Panmure Bridge school. 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Tables conga

Today for maths we have been learning more about multiplication. So today we chose to play some multiplication games to practice our multiplication. So the game I chose to play today was Tables Conga. The point of the game was for me to collect the right numbers so I could the game but there was a twist. There was virus trying to stop you from collecting the right numbers. The times tables I have chose ti di was my 7 times tables. 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Chinese New Year explanation

How the 12 Animals represented by China, got its ,year. A long time ago the Jade emperor chose 12 Animals to compete in a race.  

The Race began with the twelve Zodiac animals, with the rat taking ahead among all 12 animals , until there was a river. The rat couldn’t make it over the river so the rat waited until he saw the ox. The Rat jumped on the ox’s head while the ox was diving through the river. Until the moment, the rat jumped off the ox’s head and jumped through the finish line.

As the race finished by a win from the rat, the 12 zodiac Animals began as the zodiac was ordered first to last, for an example the rat was the first so the rat is the first to be celebrated for Chinese New Year, the the ox came 2nd so the ox

is celebrated 2nd than for other Animals goes for the same but in order like 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th.

Now people all around the world celebrate Chinese New Year. People from different countries to come and celebrate Chinese New Year. That's the legend of the 12 zodiac animals.

The lantern festival is the last festival for Chinese new year. The Lantern Festival is a celebration celebrated by Chinese people or any culture people but is traditional celebrated by Chinese. The lantern festival is to  have prayers to who had passed away and is for well being and good luck.

For Chinese New Year we have been writing  about an explanation. Our explanation was about the 12 zodiac animals and how Chinese New Year first started. I have worked with Joseph to complete this task, The hard thing we had to do was figure out which animals came first to twelfth. I really enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year celebration and hope to learn more late on the year.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Maths Problem

Today we had to solve our own problem solving we had made with our partner. Me and Dallas had to create our own problem solving so we could use our place value strategy's to solve it. After we had done all the writing we had to record it with screencastify. The difficult thing was that other people were talking alot and I needed a clear space to record my problem. The thing I really enjoyed about this was solving my problem because we thought very hard to solve it.  

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today we had our first week with kiwi can. Our Kiwi can instructors today were Mr Matt, and Mrs Lilly. For our topic today we learnt to encourage others in sport games. For our energizer today we played move if you... the point of the game was for the person in the middle to say ' move if you ' then they had to ask their question. After our energizer we were talking about what the word ' encourage ' means. We said that encourage means cheering other people on, helping others when they need help. Then for our activity we played a game called 10 second tag. For that activity we split up into three teams. Team blue, Red and green, I was in the blue team. The point of the game was to tag everyone with the ball we had without moving around only passing to one another. We had our first match against team red. Since team red wanted to start with the ball we let it to them. After a while we had won that match we got 5 players out. After that match we went to the finals. When team green and red had their match team green took it with victorious. Then we had our final match. The victory team of that match was my team, team blue. Then the other group of our class was going to have their turn at kiwi can. The fun thing about kiwi can today is that we all encouraged others to build self esteem.  

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Winter Olympic's comparison

For Inquiry today we have been comparing two different mascots from the winter Olympics using a venn diagram. So what we had to do was to compare the current mascot 'Soohorang' to a different winter Olympic mascot, our group decided to choose Bely Mishka. In my group there was Te pounamu, Joshua W and Me. We chose Bely Mishka because he was also one of the winter Olympic mascots. I learnt that Bely Mishka was one of the mascots in the winter Olympics in 2014 from Sochi in the city of Russia. I really enjoyed making our venn diagram because we learn't a lot about Soohorang and also from Bely Mishka.  

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Winter Olympics

Today we have been writing about the modern and 1924 winter Olympic's. We had to list down how many sports were in the modern and 1924 Olympics. After we had finished listing our sports we had to make a Venn Diagram.