Tuesday, 22 May 2018

9 Times Table

Today for maths we have created a DLO using our 9 times tables. Last week we wrote down our 9 times tables so we would be able to know them ourselves, to create our 9 times tables. We used our 10 times table knowledge to help us complete our 9 times tables. We were able to write down what we had already known and just times it by 10 to finish it off.  We were able to finish it off by working in pairs or finish it our self.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi can we were learning to work as a team. Our topic this term was is integrity. Integrity means to show kindness when no one else is looking and doing the right thing. In kiwi can we talked about how we can show how we can respect others in our own ways. To show integrity we played a game called captain ball. The aim of the game was that their were 4 teams and we needed to choose 1 captain to the ball to. This game was quite hard because lots of people were trying to hit the ball away from us.  

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Homonym - same word but different meaning

Today for reading we have been learning about Homonym's. Homonyms mean that some words may sound the same but they have a different meaning. Example ring as your ringing someone and the ring you put on your finger. Homonyms are mostly used in poems and in other kids stories. For our task we needed to to find the definition of the word homonyms and find some examples of homonyms. For our examples as you can see we chose bat - bat and bow - bow. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Lung Capacity in LS2

To compare the ling capacity of students in LS2, we used one breath to blow up a balloon. Then we measured the circumference if the balloon in cm. After we could graph the results to compare them. As you can see Julian has the most amount of air from his balloon. Did you know that Sanujan and Kanye has the same amount of air in their balloon?

Friday, 4 May 2018

The Unfinished Drink

Today we have been reading a poetry about the La Tour Mollet (Ted) d'Auvergne. Then wrote a small paragraph of 25 words about the Unfinished Drink. I felt sad when I read this poem because he died in the ww2 but I also felt happy because the bar owner still puts the beer bottle up as a memorial for his loss.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Story Board that

This week for Reading we have been learning about the Maori story called Hineahunoe ( The first women ). This story is about a man called Tane Mahuta and his 7 brothers creating a beautiful world but no one to enjoy it. So Tane Mahuta convinced the gods if they could create women to go on to have children to enjoy the world the created. We used StoryBoard that to retell the story using characters to retell the story. The challenging using storyboard that that we needed the right characters to retell our story. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


For the start of the week for term 2 LS2 has been learning about the a sophisticated picture book called Memorial. This book is about a tree that is planted beside a war memorial monument after the war. This book features a young boy which is the narrator of the story. This book also features his dad, Grandpa and Great grandpa who had fought in the war. We had worked on activities of this book, The activity I chose to publish onto my blog is settings. For this activity we needed to find out the peritext, images and texts. This was quite a hard challenge because we needed to use our smart searching skills to finish this activity.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Pencil code

Today for maths we have been learnt a new website called pencil code. Pencil code is a website which is quite similar to scratch. This is often used for coding and for using to make shapes or angles. Our task was to create a square and for us to create our own shape to finish our task off. The challenging thing about using Pencil code was that I needed the right amount of numbers to make the shape I was creating. Here is the link for you to create your own coding design or shape.

These our the designs I have created during my time using Pencil code

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Treaty Of Waitangi - Kahoot

For the past few weeks for reading we have been learning about the Treaty Of Waitangi. We have been reading the stories of what had happen since the day the treaty was signed. We worked in groups and collaborated together to create a kahoot. A kahoot is a website where you and friends could create quiz's for other people to complete. In my group I worked with Alex, John, San Kyaw and Zane to create our kahoot and to help with hosting our kahoot to our reading class. I had really enjoyed making this kahoot with my group because it pushes to your limit's to remember what you had read about the treaty of waitangi and to make it into a quiz. 

Friday, 23 March 2018

Stephen Hawking - 1942 to 2018

Sadly Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away and to pay some respect we have made a DLO to show who Professor Stephen Hawking was and what was he diagnosed with. Professor Stephen Hawking was one of the most brilliant physicist in the world, Professor Stephen Hawking studied about black holes and asked questions of how planet earth was came to be. We have added video clips of what shows he was featured in and some of his clips asking questions about the universe. Professor Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease, Motor neuron disease is a disease which doesn't allow you to move, talk or swallow. Professor Stephen Hawking invented a machine which helped him communicate by twitching a little bit of muscles in his cheek which allowed him to use the machine to speak for him.  

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

5 - 7 - 10 writing

The mysterious reader

I have a little sister named Kiara and she is addicted to books.
In the morning she reads books then in the afternoon she
reads and even past her bedtime she reads. She’s read over
500 books and that’s for a fact! She started reading when she
was 5 years old and she’s been reading ever since that day.
She is still reading books as she is heading off to college and
I find weird how she's 13 and still reading books. I mean I
thought she was gonna be one of those fan girls of one of
those boy bands. She pretty much reads and reads.


Today in writing we have been learning about 5 - 7 - 10
writing. Our goal was to write a character description about
a young girl reading a lot of books. The 5 stands for
5 minutes of writing, 7 minutes of sharing your learning
to others and 10 minutes of editing our description.

Monday, 19 March 2018


Today we are learning about tense. For our task we were filling in the missing boxes and it had past tense or present tense or future tense. We were learning about it because so we could add some past, present and future words to our explanations.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Tech - Sketch Models

Today we have been learning a lot in graphics materials but today in graphics we learnt how to use Plasticine. Plasticine is a type of hard clay that you can use to make other models. Today we used Plasticine to create our own sketch models. Our sketch models were based on phone holders we had to think of different sizes and also angles. We got to create our own sketch designs.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

CARE awards - Panmure Bridge school Collage

Today for my Respect CARE awards I chose to do this activity because it shows a collage of my time in Panmure Bridge School and how I celebrated my time in Panmure Bridge School. So I thought this would be a really good idea of showing my time here in Panmure Bridge School.  

CARE - Thank you letter to Mrs Prasad

Dear Mrs Prasad

Thank you for being a great teacher and for teaching me new things. I was so lucky to have you as my teacher
but sadly that didn’t last long. Throughout the year I have been learning lots of new things and I am having lots
of fun with you and the rest of room 8. The thing I found interesting is you telling us to work in groups to
collaborate with each other so we could share ideas and work collaboratively.

I really want to let you know that you are the best teacher I have ever had when I started back in 2014 and for
helping me when I needed the help.

Yours sincerely Tai

Image result for Thank you teachers    
Today I have been completing some of my CARE awards I have been doing at school. The care value I chose to complete is a respect award. I chose to write a thank you letter to my teacher I had back in 2014 because she was one of the nicest teachers I have met. Mrs Prasad has been a really fantastic teacher when I was a year 4 student at Panmure Bridge school. 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Tables conga

Today for maths we have been learning more about multiplication. So today we chose to play some multiplication games to practice our multiplication. So the game I chose to play today was Tables Conga. The point of the game was for me to collect the right numbers so I could the game but there was a twist. There was virus trying to stop you from collecting the right numbers. The times tables I have chose ti di was my 7 times tables. 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Chinese New Year explanation

How the 12 Animals represented by China, got its ,year. A long time ago the Jade emperor chose 12 Animals to compete in a race.  

The Race began with the twelve Zodiac animals, with the rat taking ahead among all 12 animals , until there was a river. The rat couldn’t make it over the river so the rat waited until he saw the ox. The Rat jumped on the ox’s head while the ox was diving through the river. Until the moment, the rat jumped off the ox’s head and jumped through the finish line.

As the race finished by a win from the rat, the 12 zodiac Animals began as the zodiac was ordered first to last, for an example the rat was the first so the rat is the first to be celebrated for Chinese New Year, the the ox came 2nd so the ox

is celebrated 2nd than for other Animals goes for the same but in order like 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th.

Now people all around the world celebrate Chinese New Year. People from different countries to come and celebrate Chinese New Year. That's the legend of the 12 zodiac animals.

The lantern festival is the last festival for Chinese new year. The Lantern Festival is a celebration celebrated by Chinese people or any culture people but is traditional celebrated by Chinese. The lantern festival is to  have prayers to who had passed away and is for well being and good luck.

For Chinese New Year we have been writing  about an explanation. Our explanation was about the 12 zodiac animals and how Chinese New Year first started. I have worked with Joseph to complete this task, The hard thing we had to do was figure out which animals came first to twelfth. I really enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year celebration and hope to learn more late on the year.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Maths Problem

Today we had to solve our own problem solving we had made with our partner. Me and Dallas had to create our own problem solving so we could use our place value strategy's to solve it. After we had done all the writing we had to record it with screencastify. The difficult thing was that other people were talking alot and I needed a clear space to record my problem. The thing I really enjoyed about this was solving my problem because we thought very hard to solve it.  

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today we had our first week with kiwi can. Our Kiwi can instructors today were Mr Matt, and Mrs Lilly. For our topic today we learnt to encourage others in sport games. For our energizer today we played move if you... the point of the game was for the person in the middle to say ' move if you ' then they had to ask their question. After our energizer we were talking about what the word ' encourage ' means. We said that encourage means cheering other people on, helping others when they need help. Then for our activity we played a game called 10 second tag. For that activity we split up into three teams. Team blue, Red and green, I was in the blue team. The point of the game was to tag everyone with the ball we had without moving around only passing to one another. We had our first match against team red. Since team red wanted to start with the ball we let it to them. After a while we had won that match we got 5 players out. After that match we went to the finals. When team green and red had their match team green took it with victorious. Then we had our final match. The victory team of that match was my team, team blue. Then the other group of our class was going to have their turn at kiwi can. The fun thing about kiwi can today is that we all encouraged others to build self esteem.  

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Winter Olympic's comparison

For Inquiry today we have been comparing two different mascots from the winter Olympics using a venn diagram. So what we had to do was to compare the current mascot 'Soohorang' to a different winter Olympic mascot, our group decided to choose Bely Mishka. In my group there was Te pounamu, Joshua W and Me. We chose Bely Mishka because he was also one of the winter Olympic mascots. I learnt that Bely Mishka was one of the mascots in the winter Olympics in 2014 from Sochi in the city of Russia. I really enjoyed making our venn diagram because we learn't a lot about Soohorang and also from Bely Mishka.  

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Winter Olympics

Today we have been writing about the modern and 1924 winter Olympic's. We had to list down how many sports were in the modern and 1924 Olympics. After we had finished listing our sports we had to make a Venn Diagram.