Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Pencil code

Today for maths we have been learnt a new website called pencil code. Pencil code is a website which is quite similar to scratch. This is often used for coding and for using to make shapes or angles. Our task was to create a square and for us to create our own shape to finish our task off. The challenging thing about using Pencil code was that I needed the right amount of numbers to make the shape I was creating. Here is the link for you to create your own coding design or shape.

These our the designs I have created during my time using Pencil code

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Treaty Of Waitangi - Kahoot

For the past few weeks for reading we have been learning about the Treaty Of Waitangi. We have been reading the stories of what had happen since the day the treaty was signed. We worked in groups and collaborated together to create a kahoot. A kahoot is a website where you and friends could create quiz's for other people to complete. In my group I worked with Alex, John, San Kyaw and Zane to create our kahoot and to help with hosting our kahoot to our reading class. I had really enjoyed making this kahoot with my group because it pushes to your limit's to remember what you had read about the treaty of waitangi and to make it into a quiz.