Friday, 25 May 2018

Iphone Text

Today for writing we did something very different. Our task was to create a fake iphone conversation using Fake Iphone text. With this website you can create fake conversation using a fake iphone.  Firstly we were to go on that website. Then we were to write down a name. But the name we had to choose couldn't be a common name it had to be a make up name. The names I chose was Max and Ben. The reason why we had to do this task was because we had to work on our punctuation. When we had finished our fake conversation we needed to create a google drawings and recreate our fake conversation but using proper punctuation.  

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

9 Times Table

Today for maths we have created a DLO using our 9 times tables. Last week we wrote down our 9 times tables so we would be able to know them ourselves, to create our 9 times tables. We used our 10 times table knowledge to help us complete our 9 times tables. We were able to write down what we had already known and just times it by 10 to finish it off.  We were able to finish it off by working in pairs or finish it our self.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi can we were learning to work as a team. Our topic this term was is integrity. Integrity means to show kindness when no one else is looking and doing the right thing. In kiwi can we talked about how we can show how we can respect others in our own ways. To show integrity we played a game called captain ball. The aim of the game was that their were 4 teams and we needed to choose 1 captain to the ball to. This game was quite hard because lots of people were trying to hit the ball away from us.  

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Homonym - same word but different meaning

Today for reading we have been learning about Homonym's. Homonyms mean that some words may sound the same but they have a different meaning. Example ring as your ringing someone and the ring you put on your finger. Homonyms are mostly used in poems and in other kids stories. For our task we needed to to find the definition of the word homonyms and find some examples of homonyms. For our examples as you can see we chose bat - bat and bow - bow. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Lung Capacity in LS2

To compare the ling capacity of students in LS2, we used one breath to blow up a balloon. Then we measured the circumference if the balloon in cm. After we could graph the results to compare them. As you can see Julian has the most amount of air from his balloon. Did you know that Sanujan and Kanye has the same amount of air in their balloon?

Friday, 4 May 2018

The Unfinished Drink

Today we have been reading a poetry about the La Tour Mollet (Ted) d'Auvergne. Then wrote a small paragraph of 25 words about the Unfinished Drink. I felt sad when I read this poem because he died in the ww2 but I also felt happy because the bar owner still puts the beer bottle up as a memorial for his loss.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Story Board that

This week for Reading we have been learning about the Maori story called Hineahunoe ( The first women ). This story is about a man called Tane Mahuta and his 7 brothers creating a beautiful world but no one to enjoy it. So Tane Mahuta convinced the gods if they could create women to go on to have children to enjoy the world the created. We used StoryBoard that to retell the story using characters to retell the story. The challenging using storyboard that that we needed the right characters to retell our story. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


For the start of the week for term 2 LS2 has been learning about the a sophisticated picture book called Memorial. This book is about a tree that is planted beside a war memorial monument after the war. This book features a young boy which is the narrator of the story. This book also features his dad, Grandpa and Great grandpa who had fought in the war. We had worked on activities of this book, The activity I chose to publish onto my blog is settings. For this activity we needed to find out the peritext, images and texts. This was quite a hard challenge because we needed to use our smart searching skills to finish this activity.