Monday, 26 November 2018

Athletics day

Today we have had athletics day. This have been a very interesting and very fun day. We have all been split into groups and been put into color groups, The colors were red, green, yellow and blue. There were 10 or 9 stations we needed to complete. We have also had helpers from Tamaki college to guide and help us with the stations we needed to complete. My favorite station out of all the stations had to be rob the nest, because it is a very competitive challenge and we all needed to rush to grab each ball for our team. The most hardest challenge had to be the life savers challenge because you needed to lie on your stomach facing the other way and when someone blew the whistle we needed to quickly get up and grab a hacky sacks before anyone else had to. After we all completed each station the people who had ordered sausages for the day got them and ate it after a long hard working day. We have all had a fantastic day.

Friday, 16 November 2018


Today for book week our teacher Mrs Anderson had read to us a book written and illustrated by Emily Gravett. The book was about Wolves and the life that they live. After the teacher read the book to us we had to write what we think about wolves then later research it to see if any of our answer were true. We found out that two of our answers were correct which was that wolves eat humans and that they hunt in packs. Also wolves dont howl at the moon they howl to communicate with other wolves. 

Meerkat Mail

Today our teacher Mrs Anderson had read us a book called Meerkat mail. The book was about Meerkats and the life that they live. By listening to the story we took information from there and made a blog post about MeerKats. We have learnt a lot about MeerKats including where they live and what they like to eat. They like to eat snakes and eggs, but they prefer scorpions because their nice and crunchy. Meerkats are very interesting animals and hope to learn much more about them. This book was written and illustrated by Emily Gravett.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Commemorations

Today at Panmure Bridge our school has held a commemoration for Armistice Day since it is on Sunday. Armistice day which is every year on November the 11th to mark and remember the sign between the Allies of World War 1 and when the gun fell silent. We celebrate this to remember those who fought for their country during World War 1. We were lucky to have a member from the NZ Defense Force. During this commemoration we I read the pray at the start of the commemoration. Mrs Kirkpatrick (deputy principal) read In Flanders Field. During the commemoration we were silent for a minute to remember the soldiers who died during World War 1.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Boxing - Kiwi sport

Yesterday we had our first session of our boxing kiwi sport. There were 3 commandments Safety, Respect and Discipline. We have learnt jab and cross punches then had put it altogether to make a combo. We have also learnt a stance called the rock so we could be balanced when boxing. Our instructor who had helped us with our boxing was Pax patel a forma women's boxer.  

Tech - Reflection

Today at our tech rotation I have been coloring my design. People are caring on carving their designs and coloring their designs what I have to finish is my coloring design and drawing my design people have worked hard and collaboratively and I hope I can finish my design from the end of this term.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Basic Facts boxes

For maths today I have been practicing up to 20 addition and subtraction, basic facts. I have done well on practicing my basic facts. I'm looking forward on doing on, up to 100 basic facts challenge. I have enjoyed doing this activity and hope to move onto division.