Thursday, 20 October 2016

Emoji Story

LI: To Infer Information about characters in a text. This week we had to read a text called Tuatai. It is about a Samoan boy going to he's grandma's sixties birthday in Samoa. The People I have worked with are Jericho and Mataio. For our learning we had to use emoji instead of pictures to complete this work. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Animal Migration ( Bald Eagle )

This week we have been learning about migration animals the animal we have chosen is the bald eagle. The people I have worked with were Josh S, Taani and me. In this presentation we have put what type of eagles they are and were some eagles come from. Bald Eagle lay their eggs on top of cliffs.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Blog Comment

This is my comment of ofa's. blog. I have commented on Ofa's free rice

Table master

This is my table master trophy on transum, I have done 10 times tables and my time was 34 secs

Strategy Maths

LI: To choose the best strategy to solve the problem. This week I have been working on maths problems. The first maths problem was about 2 boys going fishing and they caught 4 fish. How many fish did they have each. This one was really easy for me. For the second one it was really hard because when I was working on the second problem I didn't know we had to use subtraction and addition. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016


This week for inquiry we have been learning about flight ( Migration ). I have worked with Alex, Josh, and Aung Naing. Me and Alex worked on the pull factor while Josh and Aung Naing work on Push factor.


For my group we have been learning about inferences. We had a work sheet to work out these pragrahps and answer them in the text box. These are the question that I got.

Paragraph (1):  Regan's heart began to race. He could feel it pounding in his chest . His mouth was dry and his breathing shallow. How was he even going to speak he wondered. All Regan could see was a blur of faces. His mother would be sitting there still as a statue. No doubt she would have to pushed her way to a seat somwhere in the front row. ' and now we have regan sharp' announced the teacher.

The answer I got was ' Ragen is in the speech competition and he is scars and shy" that was my answer. What I found hard was to figure what the kind of answer it could be.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

TEE, Title Events and Ending

LI: To write narrative paragraph using Topic sentences, Details Concluding sentence. For my group we have been learning about TEE, TEE stands for Title, Events Ending. We had to edit to narratives 1 is our ow and the 2nd one is a exemplar. We used TEE to edit these narratives