Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Learning to motivate others

We are learning about leadership as next year Year 7 will be our school leaders. Today we looked at what motivation means. We then worked collaboratively to create role plays to help us see what motivating others looks like, so we can learn to motivate others. In my role play group there was Freeman, Hajera and Jaydon. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Rugby Competition

Today I chose to go to the Rugby inter-school competition also at the competition there was a rippa rugby girls team. We went to the Dunkirk reserve across our school to compete, our games were 20 minutes long. Our first match was against Glen Taylor school. There school was really hard because they had really big people in there team. We kicked off the ball and we rushed really quickly to get it but unfortunately they got it before we could get to the 10 meter line. Most of us tried going for there legs and it only worked sometimes. 10 minutes have past then Glen Taylor had scored a try the scores were 17 - 10. Then after that match we had a bye so we were training for our next match. The next school was against Glen Innes school. Glen Innes school wasn't that hard as Glen Taylor because we kept stepping and running very fast but then one person took the ball off of us but then we got it back and we scored a try by Jullian. But before Jullian scored a try someone ran through all of us and scored. Our third game was against glen brae, Glen Brae wasn't quite hard because most of us were spreading out we made our tackles. Unfortunately they scored a try before we could chase them done. After they kicked the ball to us Lyric caught it and ran very fast to score a try and he did. The scores were 12 - 10. Our final game was against Tamaki Primary. Tamaki was a really hard school to beat because most of their team mates looked like people from college and also most of us were afraid to make the tackle because we knew that they would just ignore us and just run straight through most of us. We all had a fantastic day and thank you to Mr Oglivey, Mrs Caroline and Mrs Ally.

Monday, 16 October 2017


Today for maths I chose to play transum to help out with my times tables. The transum game I was playing today was called Tables conga. Tables conga is a game where you had to collect the right numbers that was in the 7 times tables. This was a really tricky game because their were lots of bots trying to stop me. If it touched one of them I had to start again. I had to start again nearly 4 times because I couldn't find the right number and the because of the bots trying to stop me from collecting them. The easy thing was their was bushes their to protect me from the bots trying to get me.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Cross Country

Today our entire school has been doing cross country. For cross country we had to do it across the road from our school at the Dunkirk reserve. The cross country challenge has been a very difficult thing because we had to do 5 laps while the other kids did 1, 2, 3 and 4 laps. When Mr Johnston clapped the the wooden blocks together we ran really fast because some other people are faster then us and we had to catch up to them but I just jogged with my other friends. It was really hard because I kept getting tired while passing every checkpoint. The first checkpoint is up a hill which made us really tired because that hill was quiet steep. I done 2 laps already and I started to get a stitch while I was jogging. The hardest thing was to keep calming of my breathing but at the same time I really wanted to come first to go to the cross country inter school but when I was crossing the finish line I cam 7th.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Finding out about coalition

Today we found out what is a coalition suppose to mean. A coalition means a brief alliance for a combined action to form a government and to find out who will become the new prime minister of Auckland. A coalition is mostly used to join parties e.g Green and Labour can come together to make a coalition. We also found out who is our MP for our local community. Our MP for our community is Denise lee. Denise lee is in the National political party. 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Today We had 3 Election Challenges to do. 1. Political Party 2. Prime Minister 3. Democracy. This task is for the elections that is going to be happening on Saturday. We needed to create our task as a group to complete this. In my group there was Josh S, Harlem Hall, San Kyaw, Sanujan and Carl.

Monday, 18 September 2017

E Book Day

E book day is on 18th of September and is celebrated for modern story telling to find more information go onto the website Read a E book. We use a website called Tamaki Overdrive to read books online instead of just reading them in real life. The book I am reading today is called Coyote America. This book is scientific story I have been reading. The thing I like about this book is it gives information where Coyote's come from such as Atlanta. There was other sections of books I could'v of read but I chose this one because Coyote's are very interesting to know about. #EBOOKLOVE

Friday, 8 September 2017

Art - Tech

Today at Tech we have been learning to use our drawing skills to draw things that are a apart of our culture. I have added a mix of drawing's to my drawing art work. We all got a piece of paper to draw our draft's so we know what we were doing. I was thinking really hard what I was gonna do so I looked up some images to see what I was gonna choose. I saw a friend of mine doing Naruto from the Naruto series and then I really wanted to that to. But the hard thing about drawing Naruto is the hair. The hair was really hard to draw because some parts were really spiky and you had to get it just right. We didn't have our normal art teacher so we had another reliever teacher called Mrs pokotuwi.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Conor's Caveman: The Amazing Adventure's of OGG

Today we have been on a website called Tamaki over drive. Tamaki Over drive is a website where you can read books online instead of borrowing them in real life. The story today I have been reading is called Conors caveman the amazing adventures of OGG. This story is about a boy named conor who is on a scout trip and he bumps into a girl named Charlotte finch and finds a icy cave man. But the funny thing is that Conor is to shy to speak. He only does what he is told to do. To find out next read yourselves go the website Tamaki overdrive and search Conor's caveman and the amazing adventures of OGG to find out what has been happening.

Kiwi can: Taking Risks

At kiwi can today we are learning about risks. We learnt what the definition of risk means and what we need to do about it. For our warm challenge we played a game walled bip bop bounce bang. For bip bop bounce bang you have to say the word bang before the person saying bip bop bounce gets to the word bounce. After that we were told to go out on to the court to get in to our Kiwi Can groups. When we were on the court we talked about what risks are. For a example taking a risk can sometimes be very dangerous such as rock climbing because rocks could just tumble on top of you while you're still climbing. When we finished talking about risky decisions we played a game called hand soccer. This game was very similar to soccer but with this game you had to use you hands to push the ball between the two cones. It was a really tricky game because everyone was always crowded between the ball also everyone just kept hitting the ball in random directions but some of our players were really skilled at this game. It was really a tough game and the other team scored a goal but then luckily we came back with two shots. 

How to stand up to bully's

Today we have created a video about bullying. In this video there is someone being bullied and someone else is helping the person who is being bullied. Bullying is a very bad for people in our school we have these tasks called CARE awards. We complete them in our spare time to get CARE badges. Bullying people are very bad for others. There is a lot of negativity in our and other schools so we need to stand up and speak out.

The Actors in this video: Tai, Harlem H and Zane
Remember: bullying doesn't stop themselves so we need to stand up and speak out.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Read Theory

Today I have been working on read theory the Information text I have been reading today is "Thinking first". This text was about a reporter who was asking a police officer named Rachel Blair. Rachel Blair really enjoyed her job a lot. When I was finished with the text I had to answer the questions some of the questions were really easy because I'v been re-reading or the t.  The only question I got wrong  was  " What is Rachel's favorite thing to do " but luckily I got a passing score. 

Friday, 1 September 2017

Tech - Art

For tech today we have been chosen into our new rotation. The rotation we are now in is Art with Mr Stag our reliever teacher. Mr Stag has been teaching us about ways we can create art. But first we needed to learn how shade in shapes using a 2B pencil. Our task was to shade in shapes from light to dark. We also got to work in a partners so I chose to work with Fatongia. The hard thing with shading is you have to make smudge the pencil together to make the other side of the shape more lighter then it work out just perfect. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why its great to be me

Its great to be me because the Fun things I like doing are playing with my friends and making some new ones also I really want to complete my goals at school. We have created a Word art about why its great to be me. We needed to work in a group of 4 or 5 to complete this task. We had some fun doing this task because we had to think of some words that would be fit to put in our word art. Some of the words were kind of tricky because we couldn't think of words that start with the letter's X, Y, Z and W. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Today we have been working on our dance that we need to perform at the end of Term 3 for our dance production. Yesterday we were introduced to Zoe who was our dance teacher. Yesterday we were split into three groups group A, B and C. The group I was chosen to be in was group B. For our dance we needed to use a song, the song we used was I see red by split enz and today we needed to practice  our dance rehearsal. It was kind of tricky because that time Zoe wasn't their to help us but luckily Mrs Anderson videoed us dancing in the hall with Zoe and also we learnt how to do rewindable learning.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How maui slowed down the sun

Today Josh S and I have created a comic strip using storyboard that to practice using dialogue to show rather than tell what is happening in the story from the myth 'how Maui slowed the sun'. We found it hard finding the backgrounds because some of the backgrounds were modern and some were in the olden days. .Also the characters were really hard because I needed a island character to fit into my scene so I then I just used some stick figures. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The seven sisters of matariki

Today me and Josh S have made a DLO about the seven sisters of matariki. The seven sisters of matariki are Waipunarangi, waita, waiti, tuparagi, matariki, tupuanuku and Ururangi. The seven sisters were sent to the sky to be the seven stars of matariki. 

Winter Solstice in Australia

Today my partner and I have made a DLO about how do people celebrate winter solstice. My partner Josh S chose Australia. In Australia they go have a hot feast to celebrate winter solstice and also they go to Antarctica to dig a hole to swim in.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Black Out Day

Today we had a day called black out day in our school. We did this because we are were going to wish the All Blacks and Lions a really good match when they have their rugby game. We all came dressing up in black to support the all blacks or red to support the Lions. I came up in black because I was an All black supporter. After we had our lunch we were called to the hall to get our numbers to make the word All blacks while Mr Wong was recording it onto his drone. But before that we sang a song call Tutira mai nga iwi for the Lions tour. Next the Kapa Haka group had done a superb haka dance to support the All Blacks while AJ was leading the group. After we sang our song we were chosen our numbers then we got onto the field to spell the word All Blacks to support the All blacks team. The number I was chosen was 5 and the letter for number 5 was L. When we made the word All blacks we played a game called pass the ball. We went on the court to make a huge circle with our entire school to collaborate to pass the ball without dropping it. Thanks to Mr Oglivey for putting this altogether for us.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Rubbish in school

Today we have made a graph about how many people have dropped their rubbish in school. Our task was to make a graph on google spreadsheet then we had to put it on a google document. Yes are the people who have dropped rubbish in school and no are the people who haven’t dropped rubbish. Our teacher Mrs Anderson made a google form for LS1 & LS2 to fill in their responses. For Yes 56 people have dropped rubbish in school and for no 25 people haven’t dropped rubbish.  



Today in dance we have been recording our dance we have done. Christopher was away so I had to work with Sanujan, Joshua W and Freeman to record. I think our dance we have done was a superb job and we did really well. Our group made a few mistakes but we just need to improve our timing with the beat of the music and also we need to work on our shapes and moves.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Read Theory

Today my group and I have been working on our reading skills on Read Theory. The Story I have been reading today is called Rockefeller tree. Every year of Christmas in New York people put up lots of tree's to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus. The hardest question for me was what time does everyone come together in New York to give everyone presents but luckily I got the answer right. I got all of my questions right at the end.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Today at dance we have recorded our dance we have done onto the iPad. Me and Christopher chose the moves we needed to record with. But when we wanted to record our dance we had to record Joshua's groups dance. Their dance they have done was really good but they just had to be in time with the beat. Our dance was next and we done really well. We were very proud of our selves but we also had to be in time with the beat. Next week we need to be in time with the beat and a fantastic job.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Inquiry: Agreements and Disagreements

Today for Inquiry we have been learning about disagreements and agreeing about rubbish in our school. We worked in a group of 4 to complete this task. I have worked with Dallas, Fatongia and Jay-Don. Our task was to write our suggestions and had to agree on one. My Opinion was voted to be selected. Dallas's suggestion was I think we should put to 2 rubbish bins on the playground because people are chucking the rubbish on the floor. Fatongia's Suggestion was we could have more bins at school, Jay-Don's suggestion was we could start putting up signs saying no littering and we should have bins in each class rooms. My suggestion was we could start letting others know that they could start picking up rubbish. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Today we had dance lessons with Mrs Brett. Christopher and I are working on our dance we have made so far. Mrs Brett told us we had to choose dance moves that can sync with the beat of the music. We also had to see if the speed of the music could catch up to our moves we wrote down. When we found a music we tested it if the tempo could catch up to the moves we have done and if our moves could be in time with the music we chose. The thing that's difficult for me while we were choosing our moves is what we were gonna pick next for our dance and how we were gonna do it. When me and Christopher chose the right music for our dance we discussed what kind of moves would be right with the music.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Today I have been working on my DLO. For this DLO we have been looking at kilikiti the cricket game Samoans play with friends and family. Kilikiti is a traditional sport Samoans play for fun. The people I have worked with were Jericho and Christopher. Our task was to look up information about kilikiti and what they use to play with. 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Times table warm up

Today we used the game hit the button to help us recall our 4x answers quickly. I found it hard to find the question because I had to look for the question that matches with the answer. I will practice at home in my own time to learn more of my maths. Link to the game

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Today we had dance. First we had to work on our warm up moves then after that Sanujan and Freeman presented us with their warm up moves they have done. They had lots of different moves they had shown us. Some of their moves they have done got me tired a little bit but some moves I couldn't do but the rest was a superb job. Mrs Anderson showed us a video of SADECK and AMMAR showing their dance they have done together. After they video we were told to get into our pairs and make up our own. It was kind of hard because we had to think of angels, shapes, waves and heights. The thing I found hard was thinking what should we add next to our dance. 

Monday, 22 May 2017

Read Theory

Today I have been working on read theory. The paragraph I have been reading today is called Where does honey come from. I think I have done really good with read theory. I got all of my questions right. The hardest question for me to answer was what kind of body part does a bee use to dry up the honey. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Omaru River

I have made a DLO showing the omaru river in Glen innes. This DLO shows what is in the Omaru river and some positive effects and some negative effects. Our task was to find out information about who donated to help clean up the Omaru river and some personal information. I have worked with Fatongia to complete our task. The hard thing for me to do was to find pictures and attribute them. The reason why it was very hard to attribute them is because we had to find the owner of the picture and find what website it is from. The easy thing was to find information and just write it down.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Today we have been learning about lots of different warm ups. My partner Christopher was away so I worked with Fatongia and Jaydon. Mrs Linda, Ma'ata and Magenta shared their warm up with us. Their warm up was really superb and I enjoyed it. Mrs Anderson showed us a video of a lady teaching three girls some moves. The moves were free flow, bound flow, twisted shapes, straight shapes, curved shapes and angular shapes. After the video we got into our groups and we had to build shapes with our bodies. Then Mrs Anderson said to get into another group and share our moves with them. The people we worked with were Joshua W and Sanujan. The shapes we showed them were circle, square and triangle. The hardest thing to do was thinking about what to do.

True or False

Today I have made a DLO for my inquiry task. My task was to copy the questions and put it in the right section. The hardest one I had to think about was Russia is a democracy. I had to search up a lot of websites to see if Russia was a democracy.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

World of maths

Yesterday we went into the hall for World of maths. Mrs Anderson got us into groups for our rotations. In my group there was Christopher, Mathias, Aung Naing, Nevaeh and myself. Our task was to collaborate with each other to complete our rotations. The rotation I really enjoyed was called Escape the island. Our task for escape the island was to get Mr white and his wife, Mr red and his wife, Mr green and his wife off the island with least moves their and back but only 2 people could get on the boat. So Mr red and his wife got on the boat and Mr red dropped off Mr red's wife on the main land and he went to get the others. The least moves we got was 9. We also had to work with LS1 to complete our rotations. We all collaborated with LS1 to complete our tasks.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What and where can things can be recycled

Today we have finished off our what and where things can be recycled. I have been working on this for the past 2 days. This DLO is for our inquiry task. Our inquiry topic we are doing is RRR Reused, Recycle and Reduce. Our DLO was on what and where can things can be recycled

Monday, 15 May 2017

Read Theory

Today we have been working on read theory. Our task was to read the passage and answer the following questions. The question I found hard was " What is the opposite of efficient ". The score I got on read theory was 62%. The passage I was reading was called Google made a new car. The car Google made was electric which means it could drive its self.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Tech ( Wood Work )

Today at tech we have all almost finished our wood work designs. My wood design I am doing right now is my boat. The reason why I chose my boat is because I want to give it to my little brother and I also want to see if my boat could float on water. Today I lost a piece of my wood work so Mr Grundy helped me with that problem. I glued all of my pieces together and I am waiting until it is dried up until next week. We have 1 more session of wood work until we move on with our next rotation. The thing I found easy in tech that is I like collaborating with others to complete our wood work.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Today we had our first session of dance with Mrs Anderson. Christopher and I have recorded our warm up stretches for LS2. Christopher and I had worked with Mrs Linda and Ma'ata to show them our warm up we have done. Mrs Linda and Ma'ata shared their warm up and we just had to copy what they have done. Then Me and Christopher taught them our warm up so they would knew what were our warm up stretches. The thing I enjoyed in dance is that we learnt a lot of stretches and working with Mrs Linda and Ma'ata. We need to work on putting some more stretches onto our piece of paper to improve our warm up.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Wood Work ( Tech )

Today at tech we have been working on our wood work. The wood work I am doing is my ship ( boat ). The thing that's hard about my wood work is that I need to do a lot of measuring. I am almost finished with my wood work all I need to do is put it all together.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Current Events

Today Harlem H and I made a DLO on current events about China is going to be banning the buying and selling of ivory. Our task was to answer the 5 W's and a H questions and write our opinions about what we think we should do. I think killing elephants and rhinos for their tusks is wrong because many people care for elephants and rhinos. Then hunters just kill elephants and rhinos for their tusks. Hunters kill elephants and rhinos for their ivory for a lot of amount of money. 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Panmure Bridge performance

  Today half of LS2 went to see PBS performance happening at Te Oro in Glen Innes. When we had arrived at Te Oro there was lots of different kinds of schools to perform their performance. When the performers were ready we got into the theater and took a sit. Mrs Sheering made a live video of our performance.  Link to the video        

Friday, 7 April 2017

Woodwork ( Tech )

Today at tech we were designing our wood work. The thing I found hard was to measure our wood because you need to find a piece the right length. I am still trying to create my ship (boat). My ship is very hard to make because I need to do more measuring and need more layers of wood.   

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Problem Solving

Today my group has been working on a problem solving. The problem is "in LS2 there are 50 people each person to save 20 litres of water and we had to do this for a week". My group has used skip counting in 2's to solve the problem. The answer we got was 7000L

My camp Diary

At camp we all had a diary to put our writing in. First I have made a DLO slide about my day at camp. When I had finish my DLO my teacher had to put it into a flip snack video to finish it off. I hope you enjoy my camp diary.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Camp Brochure

This week me and Lyndon have been working on a camp brochure for our camp tasks. This brochure is about our days at camp. For our brochure we have made and outside and a front cover. My favorite activity I have done at camp was high ropes because it challenges you to face your fear of heights and it was also an amazing experience to be high and it also helped me face my fear.
Front cover


Friday, 31 March 2017


This week learning Space 2 went to Tech.The teacher I am working with is Mr Grundy. Mr Grundy makes lots of wood work art. When I have finished I am able to bring it home to show my family. I also would love to learn to make other things so I can give them away. 

Diary Writing

Today I have made a personal diary about when we went to camp. When I wrote my diary onto my device I had to make it into our camp book. 

Tennis and Futsal

Today I have worked on Kiwi sport DLO. My Task was to make a blog post about Tennis and Futsal

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Photo Collage

Today I have made a photo collage with my group Eric, Joshua w, Misshan, Josh s, Shakaia, Miki, Lyric,   Christopher and Calvin. Our collage was about going to camp.

Kokako Bird Info graphic

Today I have worked with Lyndon to complete Info graphic task about a Kokako bird. We had to find what a Kokako bird eats. Where its habitat is. What the appearance of Kokako bird is. What harms the Kokako bird and 3 Fabulous facts. We also had to attribute images. The hardest thing for me to do is to find out 3 interesting facts about the Kokako birds. 

Photo camp story

Today I have worked on a photo story about camp. I have made a collage about what I have done at camp. I have started with day 1 all the way to day 4. Our task was to make a photo story about camp and we had to put it in order. We all had to work separately to complete this task. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The High Ropes of Death

                             The High ropes of death

My Knees were shivering as I climb the ladder. I checked my harness 24 times to check if it won’t come off. When I was on the beam walk I was so frightened to let go of the ropes. When I was on the top I looked down and it felt like I wasn’t even wearing my harness. I walked 4 steps forward I was so scared I couldn’t take another step.

The instructor said to be brave and walking so I did. I walked the beam in fear so I held the rope so tight it was going to break, but it didn't didn't. When I got to the other end I said to myself yayyyy!. I was so proud of myself and I wanted to get down until the instructor said to travel back.

When I got to the other side of the pole the instructor said to lean back and jump off but I didn’t want to I was so scared and afraid the rope will break. But when I realized the others were holding the rope incase I fell I trusted them and leaned back and jump off. When I jumped off it felt like I jumped off the empire state building. When I got to the ground I was really happy that I could do it again and again.

It was 12 minutes until we had to pack up and have our lunch so the instructor said we could have another go so I volunteered to go again. This time I wasn’t scared to do it. When I climbed the ladder I was confident that I could do it. When I was on the beam I did 2 star jumps. When I did my first star jump it felt funny because the harness was pulling me up.
I walked to the pole and this time I wasn’t scared.

When I got to the pole I walked back and done 1 push up it was really scary but I did it. When I was ready to get down I leaned back and jumped off. When I was on the ground I told everyone it was pretty fun.

This is my recount I have wrote about being on the high ropes at camp. At first I thought it was scary but then when I tried again it wasn't scary. This is a 5 minutes recount of camp. It really was a fantastic moment.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Conserving water

This is my learning about People in Auckland are asked to conserve water. I had to find out information about people living in Auckland are conserving water and why. When you use water use it wisely so you don't have to wast it. Always remember to never waist water because you need to drink it, wash your body with it and etc. I have worked with Fatongia to complete this task. When I am doing this activity I am convincing people to never waist water. The definition of converse means to save, use and protect water.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bush safety tips

Today I have been learning about bush safety for camp. We had to make a DLO showing bush safety tips. Some of these tips are from the web but in my own words. The rest of the tips are on a website called: home land of conservation of outdoor safety. I have worked with Fatongia to complete this task. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Camp Mapping

Today I had to map out where my school is, my house, Papakura wave pools, Kokako lodge and Hunua Rangers. This is what our task was when we did our camp books for camp.