Friday, 23 June 2017

Black Out Day

Today we had a day called black out day in our school. We did this because we are were going to wish the All Blacks and Lions a really good match when they have their rugby game. We all came dressing up in black to support the all blacks or red to support the Lions. I came up in black because I was an All black supporter. After we had our lunch we were called to the hall to get our numbers to make the word All blacks while Mr Wong was recording it onto his drone. But before that we sang a song call Tutira mai nga iwi for the Lions tour. Next the Kapa Haka group had done a superb haka dance to support the All Blacks while AJ was leading the group. After we sang our song we were chosen our numbers then we got onto the field to spell the word All Blacks to support the All blacks team. The number I was chosen was 5 and the letter for number 5 was L. When we made the word All blacks we played a game called pass the ball. We went on the court to make a huge circle with our entire school to collaborate to pass the ball without dropping it. Thanks to Mr Oglivey for putting this altogether for us.

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