Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The seven sisters of matariki

Today me and Josh S have made a DLO about the seven sisters of matariki. The seven sisters of matariki are Waipunarangi, waita, waiti, tuparagi, matariki, tupuanuku and Ururangi. The seven sisters were sent to the sky to be the seven stars of matariki. 

Winter Solstice in Australia

Today my partner and I have made a DLO about how do people celebrate winter solstice. My partner Josh S chose Australia. In Australia they go have a hot feast to celebrate winter solstice and also they go to Antarctica to dig a hole to swim in.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Black Out Day

Today we had a day called black out day in our school. We did this because we are were going to wish the All Blacks and Lions a really good match when they have their rugby game. We all came dressing up in black to support the all blacks or red to support the Lions. I came up in black because I was an All black supporter. After we had our lunch we were called to the hall to get our numbers to make the word All blacks while Mr Wong was recording it onto his drone. But before that we sang a song call Tutira mai nga iwi for the Lions tour. Next the Kapa Haka group had done a superb haka dance to support the All Blacks while AJ was leading the group. After we sang our song we were chosen our numbers then we got onto the field to spell the word All Blacks to support the All blacks team. The number I was chosen was 5 and the letter for number 5 was L. When we made the word All blacks we played a game called pass the ball. We went on the court to make a huge circle with our entire school to collaborate to pass the ball without dropping it. Thanks to Mr Oglivey for putting this altogether for us.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Rubbish in school

Today we have made a graph about how many people have dropped their rubbish in school. Our task was to make a graph on google spreadsheet then we had to put it on a google document. Yes are the people who have dropped rubbish in school and no are the people who haven’t dropped rubbish. Our teacher Mrs Anderson made a google form for LS1 & LS2 to fill in their responses. For Yes 56 people have dropped rubbish in school and for no 25 people haven’t dropped rubbish.  



Today in dance we have been recording our dance we have done. Christopher was away so I had to work with Sanujan, Joshua W and Freeman to record. I think our dance we have done was a superb job and we did really well. Our group made a few mistakes but we just need to improve our timing with the beat of the music and also we need to work on our shapes and moves.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Read Theory

Today my group and I have been working on our reading skills on Read Theory. The Story I have been reading today is called Rockefeller tree. Every year of Christmas in New York people put up lots of tree's to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus. The hardest question for me was what time does everyone come together in New York to give everyone presents but luckily I got the answer right. I got all of my questions right at the end.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Today at dance we have recorded our dance we have done onto the iPad. Me and Christopher chose the moves we needed to record with. But when we wanted to record our dance we had to record Joshua's groups dance. Their dance they have done was really good but they just had to be in time with the beat. Our dance was next and we done really well. We were very proud of our selves but we also had to be in time with the beat. Next week we need to be in time with the beat and a fantastic job.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Inquiry: Agreements and Disagreements

Today for Inquiry we have been learning about disagreements and agreeing about rubbish in our school. We worked in a group of 4 to complete this task. I have worked with Dallas, Fatongia and Jay-Don. Our task was to write our suggestions and had to agree on one. My Opinion was voted to be selected. Dallas's suggestion was I think we should put to 2 rubbish bins on the playground because people are chucking the rubbish on the floor. Fatongia's Suggestion was we could have more bins at school, Jay-Don's suggestion was we could start putting up signs saying no littering and we should have bins in each class rooms. My suggestion was we could start letting others know that they could start picking up rubbish. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Today we had dance lessons with Mrs Brett. Christopher and I are working on our dance we have made so far. Mrs Brett told us we had to choose dance moves that can sync with the beat of the music. We also had to see if the speed of the music could catch up to our moves we wrote down. When we found a music we tested it if the tempo could catch up to the moves we have done and if our moves could be in time with the music we chose. The thing that's difficult for me while we were choosing our moves is what we were gonna pick next for our dance and how we were gonna do it. When me and Christopher chose the right music for our dance we discussed what kind of moves would be right with the music.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Today I have been working on my DLO. For this DLO we have been looking at kilikiti the cricket game Samoans play with friends and family. Kilikiti is a traditional sport Samoans play for fun. The people I have worked with were Jericho and Christopher. Our task was to look up information about kilikiti and what they use to play with.