Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kiwi can: Taking Risks

At kiwi can today we are learning about risks. We learnt what the definition of risk means and what we need to do about it. For our warm challenge we played a game walled bip bop bounce bang. For bip bop bounce bang you have to say the word bang before the person saying bip bop bounce gets to the word bounce. After that we were told to go out on to the court to get in to our Kiwi Can groups. When we were on the court we talked about what risks are. For a example taking a risk can sometimes be very dangerous such as rock climbing because rocks could just tumble on top of you while you're still climbing. When we finished talking about risky decisions we played a game called hand soccer. This game was very similar to soccer but with this game you had to use you hands to push the ball between the two cones. It was a really tricky game because everyone was always crowded between the ball also everyone just kept hitting the ball in random directions but some of our players were really skilled at this game. It was really a tough game and the other team scored a goal but then luckily we came back with two shots. 

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