Friday, 8 June 2018

Pewter Casting Tech

Today for tech at Tamaki College we have been working on our pewter casting designs. For mostly everyone in our tech group has finished their DLO on who they are gonna make their pewter casting design for. So then Mr Grundy had instructed us to get ready for him to call the person 1 by 1 to come and collect their piece of wood to trace the design they had chosen for that person out of the 16 items they had selected. When we had all gotten our piece of wood we were all told to select the item we wanted to create for the person we were gonna make it for. The person who I was going to select to create my item for is myself because I myself had never created any designing of what we were creating and I was so curious what it would look like when it had finished. Before we needed to choose the item we wanted we needed to list down 10 reasons why and what design we wanted to create and who was it gonna be for. When we had chosen our item and had answered our 10 reasons why we were given a piece of printed paper with our item printed on it we were told to trace it onto our piece of wood we were given to use the scroll saw to cut out our piece of wood. When some of us had finished Mr Grundy had melted the pewter metal to pour inside our wood that we had chosen. After we had done that we needed to wait till the next tech day to see what had happen to our pewter casting item.  

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