Thursday, 2 August 2018

HIIT training

Today for HIIT training we have been working on our HIIT exercise. Our exercises today were Mountain climbers, Split Squat Karate Kick, Star Jumps and High Knees. This exercise techniques were very tiring but a lot of us pushed towards finishing the exercises. Our goal today was to get everyone in the red zone which we had completed at the end. We had 20 seconds to do the exercise and 10 seconds to have a resting time. The hardest exercise we had done had done today had to be the mountain climbers because our muscles in our thighs had gotten sore but we had all pushed ourselves to doing the exercises we were given. Next week the HIIT instructors are coming in to see if we had changed from the last time they had came before. This week of HIIT was a very successful week and I am looking towards what we are going to accomplish next week and hoping I will push myself to work on my exercise more properly and thank you to Mrs Anderson for cheering for us on the way we were doing our exercises.

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