Thursday, 13 September 2018

HIIT - Final Session

Today was our final session of HIIT. For our final HIIT sessions today our exercise were Tap step, Push ups, Star Jumps and Sit ups. For the past 15 weeks we have been doing our HIIT training's for the AUT research team to see how we have changed from term 2 all the way up to term 3. So far we have all been doing our very well push our limits into the red zone. Most of the exercises we have been doing were very tiring but have pretty much pushed our limits to make our heart rate is in to the red zone. Our goal for our HIIT session were suppose to be Pau Te hau ( Get Puffed ) which we have all succeeded. Our HIIT sessions were all successful. Back in Term 2 most of us were not able to do much of the exercise training's but most of us now in Term 3 have gotten so much fitter so have done much more better with our HIIT training's. Sometime next week the AUT research team are coming to test us and see where we are at with our fitness training's and see how we have changed from Term 2 to Term 3. Myself personally think I have done very well from the past term and hope to get really better with my fitness exercises. 

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