Thursday, 20 September 2018

Spaghetti bridges

For the past few weeks we have all came up with a design of a bridge. But this bridge we made was made out of spaghetti. This was a very interesting and fun task, We have all worked in groups of 4 or 3 and had chosen a bridge we wanted to design. In my group there was Nyjah, Fui, Kanye and Myself and the bridge we chose to design was a truss bridge. We have been creating our bridges out of spaghetti because we have been wondering how much weight can hold on to our spaghetti bridge and the item that we were going to use to see how much weight can hold on our spaghetti bridge was bricks so our group had to think how we were going to make our spaghetti bridge strong and stable enough to hold. But before I tell you the results let me explain what materials and the method we needed to use to make our bridge. There were the options of rubber bands, string and seller tape. This task of making spaghetti bridges were quite hard because if you grab 1 spaghetti it would break instantly but if you make bundles it would be quite harder to break. So we had a to clearly think how we were going to make our bridge stable to at least last 8 bricks. So Kanye had drawn a sketching of our bridge that we were going to make. It was quite hard while making our bridges because we needed to save up more spaghetti to add some layers on to the bottom to make it stable for the bricks to sit there and not break. So we had decided to make bundles of spaghetti and try to make it more stronger so our bridge wont break easily. To at least have enough spaghetti to make the bottom we halved the spaghetti in to smaller parts to see if we could use that to build the bottom part but before we built the bottom part we measured the distance and how long the pieces of leftover spaghetti's we had to make our bottom base for the bundles of spaghetti to hold. When we have finished with our bridge we measured the how long the span was and then we were ready to test it out. The span of our bridge was 32 and we tested our bridge and the total of bricks that our bridge could hold was 2. I think the reason our bridge broke at the total bricks of 2 was because maybe our bridge was quite thin and maybe there was to much pressure and how we thought it was not that stable enough due to some pieces hanging off the edge and some spaghetti pieces were also half broken off. But either way I had a lots of fun while making our bridges and how we were testing it out with the bricks. 

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